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Bubbleman Hash Hits: Hash on the GO!

Quality Hash in Pre-Filled Eco-Pipes.
50-100 hits of hash in every box.

Want to hear Bubbleman's craziest weed stories?

Made with quality dry-sifted hash

No solvents. No additives. No batteries.

What’s in Your Weed?

What’s in Your Weed?

Pre-Rolled Joints


Hash Hits

What is hash anyway and why is it better?

Hash is a cleaner, more potent, and purer form of cannabis made with no solvents, chemicals, or additives. All the desired medicinal & psychoactive components of cannabis are housed in the “trichomes” of the flower.

Hash is just the trichomes, just the good stuff, allowing the user to avoid inhaling unwanted, or “filler”, plant material.

Hash enthusiasts believe that hash is better for your lungs and body verses smoking flower.

Do you eat the pizza box with the pizza?

So why do that with your weed?

All 185+ cannabinoids and 190+ terpenes are concentrated in a tiny part of the flower called trichomes.

The rest of the flower?

Know what cellulose is?
It’s cardboard. Packaging.

If trichomes are the pizza, the flower is the box.
Don’t smoke the box.
Smoke bubbleman hash hits.

Who the hell is Bubbleman anyway?

Bubbleman is one of the OG Hash pinoneers who developed new ways of cultivating hash. In the peak of the black market days, Bubbleman ran a successful distribution business. He used the cash to fuel non-profits that distributed high-quality medicine to cancer patients and fought tooth and nail for the legalization.

Clearly, it worked.

Following a heart-wrenching betrayal of getting set up in a police sting, he left the black market and found a new calling spreading the Good Word about Hash and Bubblehash. In his mission to educate the masses, he created a culture of high-quality cannabis extracts. A true lover of cannabis, he makes the best because he believes you deserve the best.

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